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Create more harmony, peace and support in your life

Feng Shui literally translated means “wind and water,” and is the ebb and flow of the energy in the environment in which we live. An ancient and sacred Chinese art that has been practiced for thousands of years, it is both a systematic and intuitive approach that studies the correlation between our spiritual, psychological being and the physical space in which we live and work.

Our homes are a mirror reflection of who we are and what is going on in our lives. By adjusting, activating and enhancing the flow of energy in our home, Feng Shui allows us to achieve peace, harmony and balance in our lives – which then translates to the ability to achieve prosperity, enjoy stronger relationships, and improve creativity, career, health and much more. Incorporating Feng Shui into your environment gives you the advantage to get to where you need to go in life, all while breathing a little bit easier.
Why you need it

There can be any number of reasons to bring in a professional, certified consultant to assist you in viewing your space with Feng Shui eyes. Things such as:

  • There are areas in your life where you are feeling “stuck”.
  • You are trying to achieve specific goals or strengthen an area in your life.
  • You are in the midst of a life changing event. (i.e. starting a new business, new job or new level in your career, a new relationship, or simply starting over)
  • Some aspects of your life aren’t moving as quickly as you would like. 
  • You want your house to feel more like a “home”.
  • Before you start to redecorate or remodel.
  • You are looking to move to the next level of your spiritual evolution.
  • Life is already great and you want to ensure that it stays that way!
the benefits

There are many ways to experience the results of adding Feng Shui principles into your home. Some of the benefits of a consultation are:

  • You feel less stress and a sense of peace.
  • Goals are more easily achieved.
  • You experience increased energy.
  • Things start moving along effortlessly in your life.
  • Family harmony is strengthened.
  • Opportunities begin to open up in many areas of your life.
  • You experience everyday joy in the look and feel of your home.
  • You have a sense of feeling lighter in your space. 

works with any size home, any style décor

My process

My consultation process is thorough, down-to-earth, easy to understand and organized; it is not just a cursory overview. I have been doing consultations since 2001 and by Skype & Zoom since 2016 and have adapted my process to give you the same beneficial experience online as in-person. 

I first begin with a brief survey that I simply e-mail you prior to our appointment time which allows me to begin tapping into the energy flow of your environment. I ask clients to send me a sketch or blueprint of the floorplan of their home, along with one or two still photos of each room. 

Together on the day of our virtual online appointment, I will ask some additional questions and we will discuss the major factors currently influencing your life. I will assess the structure and location of your home, the balance of “wind and water” energy flow through your space, the colors and the balance of elements, and the floorplan as it relates to what we call the Bagua Map in Feng Shui (the schematic tool used to determine where specific areas of your life fall within your home such as Wealth, Relationships, Career, Family, etc.).

Then we virtually walk together through the house, inside and out, room by room, inch by inch. Though I do email you a notes form ahead of time, I also do an audio recording you will receive after. 

I will go over everything and tell you what modifications can be made to unblock and enhance the energy in each part of the home to bring balance and success to each part of your life. We will discuss everything in-depth, from proper bed placement and positioning of furniture, to color schemes that should or should not be used in certain areas of the home, to how well the yin and yang are being balanced in your space and everything in-between. I work with you to create practical solutions that work within the physical structure of your specific space.

My consultations are done in a teaching style so that you understand why you are needing to make certain changes and can apply the main principles to any future environment. I leave you with virtual handouts of my red folder of information, a map of your home and I make myself available for brief questions after as you begin making changes and experiencing shifts in your environment and life.


Feng Shui Client Testimonial

it's working

"Hey Heather, I've been meaning to write and thank you so much for your warm personality and your amazing help! I took your guidance on redoing my cubicle at work and I've been so much happier there already—that & I oddly wound up getting assigned 2 stories that I never in a million years thought they'd assign to me for way more $ than I usually get. : ) 'It's working!' I'm still working on some of the adjustments in my home, but am just beyond ecstatic with your input and wanted to make sure I relayed that to you!!!! Thanks again so so much. I wish you the best!"
— Devin A., Brentwood, CA

Feng Shui Client Testimonial

clearing the clutter

"Since you introduced me to Feng Shui 4 months ago I immediately started clearing the clutter and re-arranging objects and furniture in my tiny 2 bedroom apartment. I set my intention to shift the energy in my life in a big way. Well, it happened. I received a huge promotion in my job, re-united with my boyfriend, got to travel with my 2 children and we're now moving into a beautiful 3 bedroom house with a pool!"
— Dolores A., Los Angeles, CA

Feng Shui Client Testimonial

You Gave Me Peace

“Hi there, it was a beautiful experience talking with you. You gave me peace. Thanks for all the great tips. I already feel much better and I just did a little change.”
— Leticia B., Chicago, IL

Feng Shui Client Testimonial

I was promoted

"My life completely started turning around within days and weeks of making the changes you suggested. I sleep much better and my career is taking off. After cleaning thoroughly, adding some silk flowers, hanging a crystal and rearranging my bathroom, which happened to be in my wealth area, I was promoted at work and given a huge raise. Suddenly everything in my life is interconnected and one area helps another."
— Dawn H., West Hollywood, CA

Feng Shui Client Testimonial

shift that energy

"I just wanted to personally say thank you yet again for everything that you did, you're doing and have done for us through your work. Since your consultation things have moved for me in ways that I always had imagined that they would. Yesterday I met with the William Morris agency to discuss them representing me as a music consultant and as a performer. I am truly at the height of my powers. I really think that a lot of it has to do with me, a lot of it has to do with the energy, and a lot of it has to do with the suggestions that you made on how to shift that energy and I thank you and may G-d Bless you for everything that you do."
— Bradley B., West Hollywood, CA

Feng Shui Client Testimonial

It feels like a Home

"The consultation process was very enlightening and inspiring. I thought I would have to make so many changes and buy so much, but right away I started making adjustments with the things I had and my apartment truly feels like a home."
— Maru H., Burbank, CA

Let's work together

If you are interested in setting up a consultation and getting a quote (my rates are hourly) please send me an email with the following:
•  How big is your house (focus on number of bedrooms, baths and how many levels. Be sure to include home office, den, etcetera in bedroom count)
• Your time zone
• General days & times you are available
• Cell phone # if in the US (just so I will let you know I have responded)

Heather I. Melcer is a certified Feng Shui consultant since 2001. With a diverse background including publishing, marketing, graphic design, writing, an MFA in Film Production and personal metaphysical studies, her unique gifts blend together to creatively assist people in bringing true harmony and success to their lives. She enjoys experiencing the energy of new places and has lived in NYC, London, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and currently makes her home on the Central Coast of CA (PST Time Zone).

Heather I. Melcer, certified Feng Shui Consultant

Virtual "travel"

A sample Skype adventure I went on getting a view outside the window of a clients home in the suburbs of Athens, Greece. 

Session Tips

Whether in-person or virtual, here are my top tips for having a great session:


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